9+ best beaches holidays in Turkey

Today I'am going to show you 9+ best beaches Looking for holidays in Turkey.There are plenty of beautiful beach resorts all over Turkey. 

Every year, millions of tourists from around the world visited Turkey who is looking for the best places to relax. In the past year, more than 15 million people have visited the country.

Turks themselves choose the beaches for their vacations, which are usually far from the hotel and hotel complexes. 

However, guests of the state can relax on beaches marked with "blue flags", indicating their cleanliness. 

The following are the best beaches in Turkey which are worth visiting in the country :

  1.) Blue Lagoon Oludeniz Beach

best beaches turkey

Famous place is not particularly impossible for the best beaches in Turkey. It got its name for its unique colour of water - it is a bright blue colour. 

The beach is situated between two mountains, so there are almost never strong winds, and therefore, the sea is almost always calm. 

In very strong storms, the waves do not rise more than 20 cm and then occur near the coast. The beach is sandy without stones and pebbles. 

Lagoon Beach is located 8.5 km to the south, near the town of Fethiye. 

Is only one hotel on the coast, to reach the others, it is necessary to remove the serpentine of the road. 

Blue Lagoon is an ideal place for families to relax for the children, as there are no noisy festivities on the beach and in the surroundings, nor are there any discos and clubs. 

Of the place is occupied by shops, restaurants, and stalls with local souvenirs and food.  

2.) kaputas Beach  

Is a beach of unprecedented beauty in the south of Turkey, about 210 kilo meters from Antalya, the nearest city is Kas. 

Can reach here from Kas by bus or on a rented bike. In addition, tourists are brought to the resting place by boat from the sea.   

You come   

The beach by car or other transport, then 190 steps will have to be overcome to go down to the water.

best beaches in turkey

Beach is between two mountains in a gorge. It is not visible from the track, so you can relax without worrying the eyes.   

Are usually fewer people on the coast due to its location. There are no shops or entertainment spots near the sea. 

It is better to bring with you everything you need. Among the elements of civilization on the beach, only umbrellas are offered to the holiday. 

The total length of the beach is 150 meters. The water attracts tourists with its pleasant turquoise colour of the wave. 

The beauty of the water can be seen from the track. The surface of the coast is covered with yellow sand mixed with small pebbles, which do not interfere with walking at all. 

Descent into the water is soft, sloping, with no sharp drops in depth.   

3.) Iztuzu Beach Dalyan  

The beautiful Iztuzu beach is located to the southwest of the Turkish coast. 

The length is over five kilo meters. Its peculiarity is that on one side the beach is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, and on the other - by the waters of the Dalian River. 

On the beach  

you can find a place with excellent sea views.

Holidays at Iztuzu beach will be truly unforgettable. Tourists will undoubtedly be surprised by the cleanliness and transparency of both reservoirs. 

The beach itself is covered with the finest white sand.  

Among the attractions of the beach, one can note the presence of a herd of turtles on it at certain times of the year. 

These giant animals mingle peacefully with people and do not feel like taking pictures with vacationers. 

In this regard,  

Another name for Izatuzu beach is "Turtle Island". They go to land to lay eggs. This is why it is forbidden to enter here with pets, as well as to install any design other than the locker room.

4.) Cleopatra Beach Alanya 

One of the best beaches in Turkey got its name in relation to the legend. 

Cleopatra is said to have once received a piece of this beautiful land as a gift from Mark Anthony. 


The place is a beautiful beach with a length of over 20 kilo meters, which is suitable for entertainment and couples and noise companies. 

On Cleopatra Beach, everyone can find a place for themselves. Developed infrastructure, dozens of shops, hotels and entertainment complexes will not leave anyone indifferent. 

Pleasant, impressive and excellent service. At the beach, you can find paid beaches and so-called "wild beaches", where you can relax without spending anything. 

The entire surface of Cleopatra's beach is covered with yellow fine sand. In some places, small pebbles are found, mostly close to the sea line. 

The entrance of water is different in different places, so there is a very rapid transition to the depth in the centre of the beach.

5. Icmeler beach Icmeler  

Is a charming beach in the city of the same name, located just an hour's walk away, near the famous resort of Marmaris. 

They are chosen for entertainment by couples with young children, the elderly. 

This resort is lauded for its healing air, there are many sources on which you can not only relax, but improve your health with the whole family. 

The seawater here is crystal clear, transparent, turquoise hue. The beach itself is covered with sand and pebbles.   


People who value comfort and high service often come here to relax.

The beach is surrounded on three sides by mountains covered with trees. Another feature of the beach is that by sea you can reach Rhodes Island (only 50 km). Daily, many times a day, a ferry goes there. 

6.) Cirali Beach 

This beautiful Turkish beach is located in a village of the same name, about 85 kilo meters north-west of Antalya.

Its length is 3 kilo meters, it is recognised as the world's reserve. Around the beach, the infrastructure is well developed, with many hotels, shops, and restaurants. 

The beach is always clean. The land is covered with pebbles and stones. The descent into the water is smooth, there is no sharp flow in the depth. 

The specialty of Cirali is its air - the smell of the sea, mixed with the aroma of conifers that fill the coastal areas. 

 All these features make Cirali a great place for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

best beaches of turkey

7.) Patara beach 

Beach is a unique place in Turkey that is suitable for family holiday lovers.   

On the beach, there is no infrastructure development, there are no hotels. The coast has only one cafe, several toilets, and locker rooms.     

Service - rental of sunbeds and beach umbrellas. 

Has a sandy beach near the city, convenient to the sea and a wide beach. It is one of the favourite spots for surfers - due to the presence of high waves, the beach is ideal for walking on board. 

In addition, giant turtles live on the beach, diligently studied and guarded by scientists from all over the world, so entry to this place after dark is forbidden. 

The beach  

Can not only sit in the sun and swim in the turquoise water. Throughout the coastal region, you can meet the remains of ancient cities and temples, to visit the places where, according to legend, the gods of Olympus used to walk.   

8.) Ilica Beach Cesme  

This beach is considered an active holiday destination, but ordinary tourists can also visit it. Cesme is located in the city. 

The beach is characterised by snow-white soft sand, which heats with the first rays of the sun. 

Thanks to  

Crystal clear water, diving enthusiasts choose it; Anyone can learn this game here.

best beaches turkey

If you 

Make planning a vacation in Turkey with the children, there is no better place! A sandbank stays on the water for about 100 meters, so you can't be afraid, and let the kids in the water in peace

9.) Calis beach   

Is considered to be the cleanest beaches in Turkey. There are no ports on the coast, so the water is not polluted at all. 

Is the city of Fethiye, which is equipped with excellent infrastructure. Here, any tourist can find accommodation and entertainment as per their choice. 

Length of the beach is over 5 kilo meters. All the land is covered with snow-white imported sand, some places can be found large pebbles on. 

The beach itself is fully equipped for relaxation. Sun lounger is a fare of umbrellas, many bars and cafes are open. You can stay on the beach all day, thanks to the many furnished canopies. 


Can not only relax on the beach. There is a lot of entertainment for tourists - surfing, diving and more.

best beaches turkey

10.) Lara Beach Antalya  

This beautiful Turkish beach is located 8 kilo meters from Antalya. It is the closest place to the airport, so it always has a large influx of tourists. 

Due to its well-developed infrastructure, cleaning the coast and water, Lara Beach received the Blue Flag mark, which is a symbol of quality leisure worldwide. 

It is completely covered with yellow sand, the grains of sand are quite large, so it is a bit unusual to step on it sometimes. However, after a few hours, tourists no longer notice the difference. 
Lara beach is open to visitors around the clock.   

The beach itself is divided into several areas, allowing you to relax on furnished beaches for a small fee or for free with a towel and umbrella. 


Get to know the best beaches in Turkey, make a choice for your taste and spend an unforgettable holiday!

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