Lower Antelope Canyon: The Best Photography Tour

The state of Arizona is full of amazing landmarks: countless national parks and canyons are located here.But the lower antelope canyon this one is special for photography.

Antelope Canyon seemed to come to us from space. I don't have enough words to explain how unusual this is. No wonder he loves photographers and travelers all over the world.

Antelope Canyon has 2 parts - Upper and Lower (Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon).

The difference in them is the location relative to the ground level: in the lower Canyon, unlike the upper, you need to go down the stairs.

lower antelope canyon photography
best tour for photography lower antelope canyon
These two wonders of nature are located at a short distance from each other.

Not far from the city of Page (page) on the land of Navajo Indians. Tickets for the upper and lower parts are purchased separately, and entry is possible only as part of a group with a guide.

Getting there on your own would be problematic: Public transportation doesn't go here, so you'll either have to rent a car or buy a bus tour from Page and other areas of Arizona.

According to statistics, the Upper Antelope Canyon is more visited.

But my choice fell on the Lower,

He seemed more attractive to me in detail. I will talk about that further.


Lower Antelope Canyon

Location: East of Page (Page), Arizona, Highway 98 and Indian Rte 222

Opening hours: Winter (2nd week of November – February) - 9: 00-16: 00, tours every 30 minutes, the last group leaves at 15:00; summer (March – 1st week of November) - 6: 00-18: 00, tours every 30 minutes, the last group leaves at 17:00.

Cost: Adults - $ 40 + $ 8 for admission to Navajo lands, children 7-12 years old - $ 20 + $ 8, children under 7 years old - free of charge.

Entrance is possible only with a guide. Duration of the tour - 1 h 15 min.

No food is allowed, but you can carry a water bottle with you. Tripods, selfie sticks, and Go-Pro cameras are prohibited.

How to get to the Lower Antelope Canyon from Page:

Everything here is quite simple, the journey will not take more than 15 minutes; The only difficulty is not to miss your turn.

You need to drive about 10 minutes on Highway 98, then turn on the Indian RT 222. From there you will see a high power station.


You will need to turn left before reaching. While turning, you will see the lower Antelope Canyon; One more minute on the way, and there you are.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Upon entering the area, you must choose one of the two tour operators who will provide you with a guide for the tour.

Tickets are bought from them.

In the parking lot on the left are Dixie Ellis', on the right, are Ken's Tours.

We chose the latter, although there is absolutely no difference between them.

Kens Tours greeted us with a Texas-style bull and waving flags of the USA, Arizona and the Navajo tribe.

We arrived here at the peak of the season, so, after purchasing the tickets, we had to wait 1.5 hours before the start of the tour.

They seemed to us like an eternity: there is nothing to do here and only a secluded highway.

The office of Kens Tours has a small souvenir shop with Native American souvenirs and trinkets and a mini snack bar (water-coffee, chocolate, and chips) with tables.

While we waited,

I thought about how inconvenient the guided trip is sometimes,

And how easy it would be for us to walk along the canyon on our own.

But these thoughts were soon dispelled: our guide did not push, gave advice on photographing and better angles, talked a little about rocks, entertained as he could. Let's get off on the road soon.

Excursion to the Lower Antelope Canyon.

The tour starts from here. You walk through a sandy path, and you also have no doubt hiding that secret.

Lower Antelope Canyon

I note that the name "Antelope Canyon" appeared for a reason - its walls are treated with rainwater and winds so that they resemble the skin of an antelope in appearance and colour.

And it is “lower” because it is located in a lowland where tourists go down such narrow and steep stairs.

This fact did not make me particularly happy: I am afraid of heights,


I barely mastered the stairs. But it was worth it.

Already at the beginning of the descent, it would seem, inconspicuous crevices in the rocks began to acquire unusual features.

lower antelope canyon photography

Welcome to space!

The truth is that nature is the best artist in the world. The Lower Antelope Canyon has bizarre shapes, and its wavy curve amazes the imagination.

lower antelope canyon
Inside Antelope Canyon Complete Photography Guide

This aesthetic belongs to the category of sandy slot cannons and has been made for millennia.

The canyon is about 400 meters long and about 37 meters deep.

If you look at the unprofessional pictures of this place on the Internet, you can see a large number of tourists.

I was afraid of this,

I didn’t want anyone to climb into my frames.

In fact,

Everything didn't turn out so scary- due to the fact that the Antelope Canyon is narrow and zigzags, I had enough time to let people in front of me, take a shot, and move on. Oh, how beautiful!

lower antelope canyon tickets

Sometimes the silhouette of the canyon acquired familiar features - for example, the mouth of a shark.

lower antelope tour

For the next segment, I would give the name "Sphinx". He resembles this character very much.

Behind the Sphinx, in the background, someone's faces are hiding. Perhaps these are the gods of ancient Egypt?

I made a lot of shots, where the sky was visible through the cracks. That, one can observe the play of light and shadow.

The silhouette of one of these bottom-up photos reminded me of a horse's head, and you?

!! Fact: in Upper Antelope Canyon, singer Britney Spears filmed her video for the song “I'm Not A Girl”.

lower antelope valley hike
What It's REALLY Like Taking photography at Lower Antelope Canyon
Another interesting fact is that often the pictures of Antelope Canyon turn blue-violet, but if you look live, we will see a Gray-Orange colour.

Perhaps the human eye, looking at this place, filters blue and “shows” only brown. Funny, I've never seen anything like this before.

Another fact - in the photographs this attraction looks more picturesque than in life. But this does not make her less attractive, I can assure you.

This dot often appears on souvenir magnets with images of Antelope Canyon.

The Navajo Indians call this place “Hasdeztwazi,” or “Spiral Arches of Rock,” which sounds very poetic.

Here, there are rare shapes in literally every corner.

They are so different and so unusual that they bring surprises at every turn.


I wrote that we could not see the famous Rainbow Bridge on Lake Powell? But we found our bridge in Antelope Canyon.

best tour for photography

A small staircase was waiting for us at the exit. Climbing it, we were able to see how Antelope Canyon looks from above.


From these narrow clicks, you will not say that such beauty lurks below.

Yes, no wonder Britney chose this place. It is unique, this is not found in big cities. Bye-bye, Antelope Canyon! You entered my top 5 most amazing natural wonders!

What else to say about lower antelope canyon, friends for photography?

The Navajo Indians were very lucky,


They grabbed one of the most beautiful lands of the state. And while such places exist on our planet, I want to continue to explore every corner of it. See you in Arizona!

Photo Tips

The colours and shadows of Antelope Canyons depend on the time of day, namely the position of the sun.

If the sun is at its zenith and completely penetrates inside, then the canyon will be full of light, and photographing will be much more difficult.


Since the lower part, in contrast to the upper, is in the lowland, less light enters there. This has become another plus to my choice.

On the advice of those who know, the best time to photograph the Lower Canyon is from 10 to 11 or from 13 to 14 hours. 

We arrived about 2 days when almost all the space was in the shade, but this did not interfere with the shooting. In the last frames, I managed to catch the sun's rays, which created amazing effects. 

I practically did not process the photos posted in this article. Perhaps this place is beautiful

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