Best Time To Visit Upper vs Lower Antelope Canyon

Upper vs lower antelope canyon in Arizona, America, we wanted to see long before our trip to the states, So the Arizona Indians were waiting to meet with one of the main attractions of the land and state, which is located near the town of Page, at an altitude of 1129 meters above sea level.

View Arizona Antelope Canyon, is one of the most photographed places in the world, 


Which one is better able to see from it upper antelope canyon vs lower antelope canyon ?

Both will be interesting for professional photographers and lovers of unusual natural geological formations. 

In summer 

It is best to visit Antelope Canyon (at this time you can see a beautiful pan among the red-red walls of the Canyon) And the time should be chosen between 10 and 12 hours in the morning.

upper vs lower antelope canyon
If you carefully look at the details during the tour, you can notice the skilful play of light and a lot of beautiful landscapes inside the canyon

Antelope Canyon Tickets cost $ 50-100. They are sold by Indians since travel is organized within their area of the reservation, 


Membership of American national parks is not valid there. 

We have successfully purchased a tour for the best time, but we have not seen a ray since we travelled in October. 


The extraordinary beauty of Antelope Canyon still captivated us.

Even before our trip to the United States, we heard the name Antelope Canyon and we wondered what Antelope Canyon is. And what does it have to do with noble animals? 

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a unique geological formation located on the territory of the Navajo Indians' reservation near the city of Page in the state of Arizona USA. 

The walls of this small canyon are made of Navajo pink sandstone, which looks very beautiful underground, on a sunny day. 

There are two canyons of Antelope - upper and lower, not far from each other. 

It is important to know: Antelope Canyon has two parts: upper and lower. 

Both canyons are beautiful in their own way and accessible to tourists, however, in the rainy season, the entrance for them is closed due to the danger of flash floods. 

The Upper Antelope Canyon is more convenient for tourists due to the fact that it is wider than the Lower Canyon, 


You can safely walk with it without climbing the stairs. Because of this, it is more popular and you need to buy a tour in advance. 

Basic Information about Antelope Canyon: 
  • Name: Antelope Canyon 

  • Antelope Canyon has been open for tourists since 1997; 

  • Where is it located (GPS coordinates): 36 ° 57 ′ 9.96 ″ N, 111 ° 26 ′ 28.57 ″ W; 

  • The distance from Page to Antelope Canyon is 12 km; 

  • Canyon length: 200 meters (upper), 407 meters (lower); 

  • Depth: 37 meters; 

  • Type of canyon: slotted.

Upper Antelope Canyon
Inside the Antelope Canyon even has its own mini Monument! This is truly Arizona!

The main feature of Antelope Canyon in Arizona is its red-red unusually curved rocks, 

The skins of young antelope are very similar in structure. 


Do not expect to see magnificent animals here, as antelopes are not found in the Arizona desert at all. 

This canyon structure is a consequence of Arizona's climatic characteristics. 

It is a dry place, but rains are rare but plentiful. A stream of rainwater flows along a narrow canyon from the mountains mixed with sand and its unique walls are engraved. 

The beauty of Antelope Canyon is not only attractive, 

But also 

Horrific: In 1998 there was an accident - tourists were in a hurricane that suddenly hit Arizona. Unfortunately, 11 out of 12 people died inside the canyon. 

During our trip, we happily survived the misfortune, as the elements hit the day after leaving the page after seeing one of Arizona's dramatic landmarks. 

Antelope Canyon is much smaller in Peru than the Colca Canyon, 


The attraction of Arizona is more famous among travellers around the world. 

Both of these natural wonders are breathtaking and impossible to forget.  

I suggest 

That not all travellers from the United States regret paying Navajo Indians for a tour and must-see Antelope Canyon!! 

Curious facts Such a unique and magical miracle of nature went unnoticed among American art. 

Antelope Canyon has become the scene of many feature films. And the location was used to shoot American singer Britney Spears's video I'm Not a Girl, Not a Woman, which glorified Arizona's miracle across America and the world. 

Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon - One of the most visited basins in Arizona (after the Grand Canyon) and, without a doubt, the most iconic among photographers. 

This is due to one of its specialities, namely, that a visit does not involve any serious efforts. 

Entrance to the canyon is located below the floor and therefore it is very easy to enter (easy in the Lower Antelope Canyon). 

You need to go to the gap between the rocks. However, in the photo inside, it turned out to be incredibly beautiful. 

Translated from Navajo Indians, the name of this canyon means "water running along a rocky gorge. 

Which accurately describes both the occurrence and geological origin of this natural miracle. 

The upper canyon is a narrow layer of the gorge, which ends with a very wide pool, where sand is washed away from all the surrounding rocks during the monsoon. 

Everyone who wants to see one of the wonders of nature in the United States is brought into the canyon by driver-guides behind four-wheel-drive cars. 

Then you need to walk across the narrow tight gorge on the flat surface of the day in the canyon. The entire length of the Upper Antelope Canyon is 200 meters and the depth is about 37 meters. 

A feature of this canyon is the ability to see the famous rays of light inside (breaking direct sunlight through the gaps on the surface of the Earth at the top of the Canyon). 


The upper Canyon is very close to the surface of the earth, light from the sun penetrates here better, giving more intense light to its walls. 

The famous ray of sunlight does not appear inside the Antelope Canyon every time, but only in sunny weather and at a certain time (for this it is necessary that the sun be as high as possible in the sky, and this is possible only in the summer). 

It is considered a huge success to see it with your own eyes and capture it in a photo.

Lower Antelope Canyon
Sunlight illuminates some walls, and some darkens, which creates a unique atmosphere.

Useful Tips for Tourists: The best time to visit the Upper Antelope Canyon is from May to September. 

In addition, 

In summer you can immediately see two types of light in the canyon and capture them in photos. 

One day in the sun, in the morning the walls of the canyon do not look like the middle of the day. 


Many photographers visit the Upper Antelope, many times to see and photograph the intense pink light of the interior rooms of the canyon, as well as to obtain the blue and purple colours in the photo when the sun enters the canyon. 

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon, meaning the Quechua language, means "spiral rock arches", 

It is located a few kilo meters from the Upper Canyon on the other side of Highway 98 in the United States. It is run by another Navajo family. 

Interestingly, the lower canyon is longer than the upper. Its length is 407 meters, and its shape is similar to the letter "V". 

The entrance to the Lower Canyon lies on the surface of the Earth, and despite the small depth of the Canyon compared to the Upper Antelope, it is less convenient for visitors. 


Entering the Lower Antelope Canyon was possible only through a very dangerous rope ladder at its own peril and risk. 


Later they installed metal stairs and now it has become very easy to go there. 

However, an excursion to this canyon is more difficult due to the need to climb and squeeze in tight places, so it requires better physical preparation. 

During the journey, everyone must climb stones, climb high metal stairs and make some acrobatic elements unusual for a normal life.

Therefore, the number of tourists is very less. 


Despite the difficulties of visiting the photographer, Lower Antelope Canyon is very attractive. Actually, in the absence of a large number of tourists, here you can make excellent photographs with 

Therefore, here you can often meet focused people with a set of specialized tools for photos. 

Keep in mind 

The summer months are also best for travelling to the Lower Antelope Canyon. 

Morning and early evening are the "golden hours" for photographers when you can catch the soft sunlight on the canyon walls.

Upper Antelope Canyon vs Lower Antelope Canyon
It is hard to believe the upper or lower antelope canyon, it is sandstone, not velvet curtains

Our Photos Of Antelope Canyon

During our trip to the United States and travelling by car to Arizona, we decided to only travel to Upper Antelope Canyon and take a photo of it as a keepsake. 

The weather was good since morning, so we bought a tour from the Indians about an hour before the journey started. 

Then they waited until everyone was distributed among groups with different guides and prepared for the upcoming miracle. 

It turned out 

We found the youngest guide named Cordell, and our group reached the Canyon entrance to the very last. 

While all the other groups were chasing one after the other, we walked some distance from them along Antelope Canyon, while no one drove us away. 

We successfully finished in every "room" of the canon, at a time when there was none. And although the tour only lasts an hour, we were able to take some extremely beautiful photos. 

While walking along Antelope Canyon, of course, we saw that this Canyon is like no other in the United States. 


If there is an opportunity, we recommend everyone to see it. It is easy and does not require any physical preparation. 

The only downside is that there are plenty of people who want to see Antelope Canyon. But nothing can be done about it. 


If you are a serious photographer, then you, of course, already know about this amazing place. 

The good news is that tours for photographers last longer and there are very few people. So go for it!

Antelope Canyon Tickets & Tours

You can buy a ticket to Antelope Canyon or book a tour at one of the agencies in Page or directly at the Indians at the entrance to Antelope Canyon, on the territory of the Navajo reservation. Better in advance, for example in the evening, and then in the morning to go on a tour of this amazing place.

In the high tourist season, it is better to book a tour via the Internet (for example, at Navajo Tours) This is important to do in order not to be in a situation where all tickets for the current day have already been sold, and then you have to wait, staying in Page for another day.

It is possible to do without an overnight stay in Page, but to do this, you should worry in advance about reserving your place on the tour for a certain time, by which you will definitely have time to arrive at the Antelope Canyon .

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