5+ Best New Way St Maarten Things To Do

St Maarten is a lot of things to do! Because I was working on Sint Maarten 5 days a week during my period, I wanted to use my two days to do fun things! Below you willfind a list of 5 activities that have left a very good impression on me!

The Best Thing To Do In St Maarten

st maarten things to do

Philipsburg is the capital of the Dutch part of Sint Maarten and has a very nice center.

In addition to modern shops, you will also find historical monuments such as the Courthouse (oldest Dutch building on Sint Maarten) and Fort Amsterdam.

In Front street or 'heaven', you will find all kinds of trendy shops where you can shop tax-free and countless souvenir shops.

At these souvenir shops, they often sell homemade “Guava berry rum”, which you should, of course, try when you are in Sint Maarten!

Great Bay Beach runs parallel to Front street. on this beach, you will find all kinds of restaurants where you can eat.

rhino tour
Rhino Tour

The Rhino Tour is a boat trip along the coast of Sint Maarten.

The starting point is in Simpson Bay. here everyone gets the necessary 'gear' and explanation is given about how everything works exactly and what you are sailing along.

The final destination is Creole rock. all boats sail after each other (nice and fast !!!) to Creole Rock. here everyone can take a snorkel and enjoy the beautiful underwater world!

If you have snorkeled enough, you can enjoy a drink while sunbathing on your boat and then sail back to Simpson Bay. the Rhino Tour can be booked from 

st maarten things to do

Loterie Farm

If you like nature and outdoor activities, then you've come to the right place at the eco-friendly Loterie Farm.

It is located in a very nice and quiet area in the French part of Sint Maarten.
There are several restaurants and lounges where you can sit in a beautiful green environment.

In addition to wine and dine, they also offer various activities.

This way you can go hiking (with or without a guide) and they have two different Fly zones.

In a Fly zone, you fly from one high tree to another via a zip line. Really very cool to do !!

The Loterie Farm has a Fly zone and a Fly zone extreme. With the 'extreme' variant you go a little higher into the trees, you slide over longer zip lines and you go just a little faster! : p A hike at the Loterie Farm without a guide can be booked from € 5 and with a guide from € 25.

lambada tour

Lambada Tour To Prickly Pear

Fancy a wonderfully relaxed day? Then the Lambada Tour to Prickly Pear is definitely something for you!

In the morning you gather in Simspon Bay at Aqua Mania adventures. the beautiful Lambada catamaran is already here. When everyone is on board, the sailing trip to the beautiful island of Prickly Pear starts, which is next to beautiful Anguilla.

During the sailing there is a nice music on and we were immediately offered a nice cocktail (it was 9 o'clock in the morning, but okay!). on board there is a bar, where you can get drinks all day long and there is plenty of seating to enjoy the sun.

Once arrived at Prickly Pear you have the opportunity to discover the beautiful underwater world while snorkelling.

Swim around and chill on the beach, after which it is time to sail to Anguilla.
It's beautiful here!

Super long beaches, pearly white sand and there were almost no tourists in sight. on the beach, you can do your thing again and then have a nice lunch together.

Have a nice break and then back to beautiful Sint Maarten. this trip was really great and definitely worth the money. The Lambada Tour can be booked at Aqua Mania from € 100.

Spotting Aircraft

Okay, have you been to Sint Maarten once?

Then a day of chilling at Sunset Bar & Grill is a MUST DO!

This beach bar is located on a nice beach, directly behind the runway of the airport of Sint Maarten, Princess Juliana Airport.

Because this runway is very short, the aircraft must start their descent very quickly. this makes them fly really flat, but also FLAT over the beach!!

You can almost touch them. at the Beachbar there is a large surfboard on which the arrival times of the planes are written every day, with the big Boeing from KLM in the lead!

So do you want to see something spectacular?

Spend a day at Sunset Beachbar and spot airplanes while enjoying a delicious cocktail (the PiƱa Colada was my favorite!).

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