9+ Best Things To Do in Nottingham And Nottinghamshire

This famous city thanks to the legend of Robin Hood has many places to visit. In this post, I explain everything to you to know the things you need to do in Nottingham. I propose a tour of Nottingham for a weekend.

Things to do in Nottingham

Nottingham is a city in the United Kingdom, in the county of Nottingham shire. The name of the city is associated with the emergence of the legend of Robin Hood.

things to do in nottingham

For someone who thinks all the cities of the central counties are too industrial and gloomy, Nottingham will be a pleasant surprise.

The city lies northeast of the center of the industrial zone formed by Birmingham, Coventry, and their suburbs.

The Ml motorway runs west of Nottingham, and the Trent River goes around it in the east.

After World War II, Nottingham, destroyed by bombing, became covered in the 1950s and 1960s. ugly buildings.


Despite this, it is undoubtedly the most interesting city for tourists in the Northern Central Counties.

What to do and what to see Nottingham?

The best way to have an overview of the city of Nottingham is to see the tourism and cultural activities available.

Surely you find a guided tour that catches your attention.

We toured the city of Nottingham and could not have a better host than Robin Hood himself.

With it, you can know the history of the city, explore all corners of Nottingham and learn more about the legend of Robin Hood in a fun and dynamic way.

A different and unusual experience that you will love.

Points of interest in Nottingham

Below we make a list of the most important places to visit Nottingham.

things to do in nottingham

Nottingham Castle

The history of Nottingham Castle is dramatic.

He stands on a rock, rugged with passageways and caves.

The castle, the construction of which was started by the Normans two years after the conquest, was twice destroyed and rebuilt during the civil war between King Stephen and his cousin Matilda in 1135-1154.

According to some historians,

In October 1330, Edward III with his people went into the castle through a 90-meter tunnel and captured his mother Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer, who had ordered three years earlier to kill his father, Edward I. You can explore the underground corridors in the castle rock during a tour of thecastle caves.

It was from Nottingham Castle that Charles I left and raised his standard in August 1642, thereby signaling the start of a civil war.

After its completion, the castle was destroyed by the decision of parliament.
In 1674-1679 the Duke of Newcastle turned the surviving skeleton of the castle into a luxurious Italian-style mansion, which was burned in 1831 by rebel factory workers.

After 40 years, the castle was rebuilt again, now it houses the city museum, where there are beautiful paintings by the Pre-Raphaelites and modern painting, as well as an exhibition of medieval sculpture.

Lace City

Across the road from the gatehouse to Castle Road, in a beautiful building dating back to 1350, the Lace Center is located, where a huge number of samples of machine lace are presented,

which made Nottingham famous several centuries ago. In some city factories, lace is still being woven.

In the neighboring gates of the castle is the Museum of Costume and Fabrics (closed on Mon. and Tue.), Where samples of lace sewing, fabrics, and antique looms are stored.

In the rock under the castle is the hotel “Journey to Jerusalem”.

This is a 17th-century building. arose at the site of the tavern in 1189, where the crusaders gathered, going to the crumpled land.

You can also explore the old Lace Market near the Broad March shopping center.

things to do in nottingham

Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest is an ancient royal hunting ground where Robin Hood hid with his people.

Once it occupied a vast territory in the east of the Central counties.


as a result of deforestation, coal mining, and urban expansion, only a tenth remained from the forest.

The atmosphere of the forest is best felt in the vicinity of the village of Edwinstowe (where Robin Hood married St. Mary in the church of St. Mary), 32 km north of Nottingham, on the A6075 road, as well as in the forest itself, which stretches north from this place, west of the A614 road.

Wollaton park

It is situated on the outskirts of the city of Nottingham.

wollaton park Nottingham

Have you seen the Batman movie and the Dark Knight?

If you have seen it then this beautiful Elizabethan mansion will ring. It was the protagonist's house.

What can you do in this great mansion?

There are guided theme walks and tours of the park but you can also do several tours on your own. There are tours of 1 mile, 3 miles.

Do not forget to see the magnificent gardens.

In Wollaton Park, you will see 200 deer loitering freely. They have done it since the fourteenth century.

An essential place where you can enjoy nature and learn a bit of natural history thanks to the museum that houses Wollaton Park.

Here is the entrance to the Sherwood Forest country park, and next to it is the ancient Big Oak, which has 10 meters in girth.

st Mary church

St Mary´s Church

We visited this church with our best guide, Robin Hood.

A very beautiful church and that is the oldest in the city. She is known for being part of the ballad of Robin Hood.

If you have plenty of time or visit Nottingham for more than one weekend there are also other essential places to visit that are a little further from the center of the city of Nottingham.

robin hood

Nottingham Contemporary

This international art center is another essential place to visit in the city of Nottingham.

This center is located in the Lace Market area of Nottingham, the oldest city area in the city of Nottingham.

In this place previously there were dwellings in caves, a Saxon fort, and a medieval town hall.

Nottingham Contemporary is very close to the justice museum.

Something curious about the building is that the cladding is embossed with a traditional Nottingham lace pattern.

Nottingham Contemporary is a quiet place where you can slow down the journey and discover interesting works.

Your ticket is free so you have no excuse not to visit it.

The Justice Museum- National Justice Museum

The truth is that we get a pleasant surprise with this museum.

We plan to spend a little while in this museum but the truth is that we spend hours.

We loved the small theaters that were made inside the museum. We even participate in one!

You met volunteers at the museum who told you very interesting stories.

The museum is located in the historic Shire Hall and County Gaol of Nottingham.

You will be able to know the history of justice through time. All this through different exhibitions, activities, live theaters.

The museum building has formerly been a prison, a court, and even a police headquarters.

Since they opened in 1995 they have won a lot of awards. Among them the following:

• 2017: Nottinghamshire Tourism Awards - Small tourist attraction of the year

 2016: School trip award for the best place for learning history (Museum of Justice Galleries, Nottingham) and the best place (Royal Courts of Justice)

 2014: Visit England Gold Award for Best Visitor Attraction in England

 2003: Gulbenkian Prize

Of course,

If you visit in winter do not forget to go warm.

Many of the museum areas are on the street or the doors are simply open. Do not forget your jacket! Otherwise, you will be cold.

This crime and punishment museum located in Nottingham is a must-visit if you come to this city.

old market square

Old Market Square

Nottingham's old center has several important tourist attractions.

Here you will find the Old Market Square with which most sightseeing tours around the city begin; it is the largest public space in England.

On the east side of the square is the neoclassical Council building, crowned by a huge dome, next to the imposing Town Hall.

When strolling through the historic center, be sure to check into Nottingham Playhouse to take a look at the wonderful “heavenly mirror” created by sculptor Anish Kapoor. This 19-foot stainless steel saucer provides a unique view of the sky.

Best Food and Drinks in Nottingham

In Nottingham, there are at least half a dozen restaurants of the highest level, in the elegant menu of which a balance of unusual ingredients in a non-standard combination is achieved.

food and hotels

There are also many places and easier - first of all, Italian and Asian, plus a lot of cafes and cafe bars.

The latter, almost without exception, adopted the same formula - an angular and ultramodern design and in most cases serve coffee and snacks, without more substantial dishes.

1.) Restaurant French Living - Authentic French cuisine, in the intimate, candlelit interior of the lower floor. Afternoon snacks and baguettes in the cafe on the ground floor. Hot evening meals from £ 10. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. It is necessary to reserve a table in advance. Dishes average 15 £. Location: 27 King Street;

2.) Harts Restaurant - One of the most sought after restaurants in the city, it occupies part of the old city hospital and serves an international menu of carefully decorated dishes. The attractive pastel-modern decor and attentive staff. Location: Standard Court, Park Row;

3.) Memsaab Restaurant - One of the Indian restaurants - there are no dark red paper wallpapers, but the discreet modern decor and a lot of free space. The food - a thoughtful blend of different Indian cuisine styles from different regions - is amazing. An extensive menu with hot dishes, the price of which starts at just 10 £. Location: 12 Maid Marian Way;

4.) Restaurant World Service - A chic restaurant with a varied menu (largely Asian) in charming rooms near the castle. A modern British menu with delicacies such as pork chops with onion marmalade and lamb rack, spread with peanut butter, are prepared with careful attention to all details. In the evening, hot food prices start at around £ 16. But during lunch, there is a limited menu with two dishes worth £ 12, or three for £ 16. Location: Newdigate House, Castle-Gate.

Nightlife in Nottingham

The list of Nottingham nightclubs is constantly changing depending on fashion trends.

Right now there are two of the most fashionable places - Stealth, which is located in the center, on Goldsmith Street, and Blueprint, at 76 Vale Road in Colwick.


The pubs around Market Square are hard to reach, especially on weekends, but within walking distance, there are a couple of livelier and more enjoyable places to have a drink with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Live music, popular and classical, mainly performed by the most famous artists, is played at the Royal Concert Hall on South Sherwood Street.

Broadway on the Lace Market, at 14 Broad Street, is the best movie theater in the city, with the most popular mainstream and avant-garde films there, and Nottingham's Playhouse Theater located on Wellington Square.

Nottingham Pubs and Bars

1.) Broadway Cinema Bar - An informal, trendy (artistic) bar where moviegoers are offered a rich assortment of bottled beers. Location: Broadway Cinema, 14 Broad Street;

2.) Bar Cast - This is a fairly popular and affordable place, on summer evenings tables are set in the courtyard. Visitors come here to at the same time consider a work of modern art - a huge, thought-provoking “Sky Mirror” by Anish Kapoor. There is also an adjoining restaurant. Location: Wellington Circus;

3.) Cock and Hoop Pub - One of the few pubs in the center that escaped remodeling to a younger clientele. This is a small bar with thick carpets and comfortable chairs, located at different levels, which is located in a beautiful place. Real ales are served here. Location: 25 High Pavement, Lace Market;

4.) Lincolnshire Poacher Pub - A popular pub that offers a wide range of real bottled and bottled ales. Location: 161 Mansfield Road;

5.) Bar Sir John Borlase Warren - A popular establishment located half a mile up the hill from the city center along Derby Road. This randomly built old bar has its character and friendly atmosphere. Location: 1 Ilkeston Road, Canning Circus;

6.) Institution Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem Inn - Carved in the rock of the castle, this old coaching inn could well be the meeting point for soldiers returning from the Third Crusade. Its cave-like bars with coarse stone sandstone ceilings provide good shelter. Location: Below the castle, in Brew house Yard.

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