Hello!  My name is TONY

I live in India. In June 2019, I started my journey around the world. I have to go home every month to meet my family and friends.

I first started my journey in the Canadian Rockies, where I interrupted my path. Then, I moved to Australia for two years. After Australia, I decided to go on a trip to Southeast Asia for a few months. 

Because I like to roam around in every country, I love to talk to people and take pictures of them.

tony travel post

My ultimate goal is to get you started with the journey to do whatever I do. When you think about travel, I want to be the # 1 resource for you, and I strive to be a role model for high school / college kids who aspire to be travellers.

If you’re still reading this, I want to say THANK YOU for following my blog and travel advice — you guys mean the world to me.

Website : https://www.tonytravelpost.com/

If you’re a more visual person, here’s my life story in 3 minutes:

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